Welcome to Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality

New neighbours and friends

We would like to have more citizens in Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality, and we do our utmost to make newcomers feel welcome and settle in well in our municipality. A good job, a good home is of vital importance, but as a newcomer new neighbours and new friends are equally important.

Of course we cannot guarantee that you and your family will instantly make many new friends and socialize with neighbours and colleagues. This also takes an effort, openness and commitment from you when you are to establish relations in a new place. In return Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality offers quite a lot of opportunities of meeting active and committed citizens who would like to share experiences and solve tasks together with others, which is also a good way of learning Danish.

Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality is one of Denmark’s biggest tourist destinations, so we are used to giving our many international guests a good reception. Our companies export on a global scale, and the employees are used to cooperating with foreigners, both inside and outside the company. And as a newcomer you are not alone. In Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality we already have many foreign citizens. We have a total of 5,250 citizens from 99 different countries.


Network for newcomers

If you feel like joining a non-committal community with other newcomers you can become a member of the Facebook group: INTERNATIONALS RINGKØBING-SKJERN.

Antoniya Petkov, who originally comes from Bulgaria, took the initiative of starting a network in the summer of 2019.

INTERNATIONALS RINGKØBING-SKJERN is an informal network where citizens with a foreign background meet each other as well as Danes. A network which can help you settle in well as a new citizen in the municipality and where you can draw inspiration, exchange good advice, experiences, and for instance job advertisements.

Here it is also possible for you to make friends and meet people in the same life situation as you. This was exactly what Antoniya Petkov needed when she and her husband moved to Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality nearly three years ago.


Here you can see a glimpse from the first big joint arrangement in Internationals Ringkøbing-Skjern in the summer of 2019. (Foto:flytmodvest.dk)


Club for young people

As a young newcomer you can also become a member of the network INWESTJYLLAND, The club for young people in the Realm of Nature.

The club primarily aims at young adults in the age group 20-35, and the idea is to create new networks through joint experiences approximately once a month.

You can follow the club on FACEBOOK.


In Westjylland

This photo is from the first arrangement in InWestjylland, The club for young people in the Realm of Nature. The main theme of the evening was Watersports and Garden Play at Ringkøbing Town Hall. (Foto: flytmodvest.dk)


Become active and meet new friends

In Western Jutland, which our part of Jutland is called, we have a tradition of sticking together and making things happen. Our municipality has a very active association and club life and very many people lend a helping hand as volunteers - actually 60 PROCENT of us are volunteers in an association, organization, or institution.

So kill three birds with one stone. Join an association of interest or which you would like to learn more about. Do sports together with others, sing in a choir, or lend a helping hand as a volunteer, while learning Danish and at the same time meeting new people. Speak with your colleagues and join social arrangements at your place of work, so you get to know your colleagues and practice speaking Danish. Be active in your children’s day care or school. Say hello to your neighbours, invite them over for a cup of coffee or take up an invitation from them or if they contact you. And do participate in local arrangements and activities in your neighbourhood.

In Western Jutland we are used to helping each other and pulling together, so do not hesitate to ask your neighbour for help, if you need a hand. They will gladly help you and will also accept your help if needed.



A glimpse from a welcome event for newcomers in Skjern. (Foto: flytmodvest.dk)


Join Our welcome arrangement for Newcomers

As a newcomer to the municipality you will receive welcome gifts and an invitation to a welcome arrangement with other newcomers. Here you will be able to establish new contacts – both with others in the same situation, but also with volunteers welcoming you.

In the individual towns and villages, you will also find local ambassadors welcoming you when you and your family have moved to the area. They will be pleased to help you with information concerning practicalities and local offers.


Meet other newcomers

In Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality we welcome new citizens. We are also proud of having newcomers who will advertise our municipality with the aim of making people take up residence here. Meet some of them below and a few more here.


The Chinnow family

German family:

Good working conditions leaving room for a family life close to the North Sea

In 2019 the Chinnow family moved from Löbau in Germany to Hvide Sande in Denmark. Four years later the family is not in doubt: -We’ll stay here!

The couple Dagmar and Udo are working at the local companies, Hvide Sande Røgeri and Danwest, and they both see the career opportunities as one of the really big gains of having moved to Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune. Here they have been able to let go of their previous worries about job safety and fair pay, and last year their dream of buying their own house came true. 

The two children, Pauline and Pepe, are also happy about having moved to Hvide Sande. They like their new school and appreciate the Danish school system with less tests and more variety during the day. 

In Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune the family has found both tranquility, a house, career opportunities, and new friends. When the holiday makers have to go back after 1-2 weeks’ holiday all four of them are pleased that they can stay and fulfil more dreams in the middle between the North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord.

The Chinnow family - Read the full story here

Iwona and Jarek

Polish family:

Nature and good conditions for the children are crucial

It is first and foremost the good conditions for the children and the clean and beautiful nature that Iwona and Jarek emphasize when expressing why they have chosen to settle in Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality in Denmark. In the past two years Iwona and Jarek have been living in the village of Finderup together with their joint child Diego and Jarek’s son Manuel and his daughter Karolina.

”The child-care facilities here are simply so good. They do so much for the development of children. For instance, they are allowed to cook and do woodwork when they can handle a knife– even though it may be a little dangerous. Besides, they also spend a lot of time in nature. In all sorts of weather. It is so healthy for them”, says Iwona who is also really happy with the schools.

”However, the best thing is that you exist to live here – which means that you don’t just constantly work, but you work in order to also live in your spare time”, says Iwona, and Jarek agrees. That was the very reason why he came to Denmark to work, since - as a self-employed motor mechanic with his own construction firm - he just worked and worked without earning sufficient to live on. On top of that he did not have any spare time whatsoever.


Iwona og Jarek - Read the full story here