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Learn Danish 

In Denmark we would like our foreign newcomers to learn to speak Danish. All adult foreigners who move to Denmark are therefore offered courses in the Danish language.

The education consists of 5-6 modules. From 1 July 2018, all EU citizens, foreign workers and students must pay DKK 2,000 per module in Danish education. You should also pay a deposit to start the education at some schools.

It is an advantage to be able to master the language, both in relation to your workplace and in your spare time.

The fact that you attend Danish classes and try to speak Danish shows that you are interested in the Danes and the Danish culture, and it will facilitate quicker integration into the social life of both the workplace and in your sparetime, in relation to neighbours and others you might meet through association activities.

If you bring children to Denmark, it is also important to be able to speak the language, so you can keep up with their development, because children very quickly pick up a new language when they use it in day care institutions or at school.

As a parent of the school it is also of vital importance that you can keep up and support the children in their schoolwork. Both you and the children will learn Danish more easily when you use it at home.


 Foto: Borris.dk

The language centres of LEARN DANISH in Ringkøbing and Skjern are providing courses in Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality to newly arrived adult foreign citizens.

The Danish language courses are divided into three courses, developed to adapt to the various backgrounds and educational levels of the participants. The courses are divided into six modules and may be completed with a Danish language exam. Classes take place both as day classes and as evening classes, and course enrolments are continual, according to your level and can be adapted to your job. Day classes take place in Skjern, while evening classes can be attended both in Ringkøbing and Skjern.

Danish classes are offered in connection with your entry registration to the country and you can enter a course one month after having received your course offer at the latest. If you want to know more about learning Danish you may contact Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality BORGERSERVICE or International Citizen Service, ICS.

New rules in connection with Danish classes are A so-called “voucher system”, which entitles you to attend Danish classes for three and a half years within five years.

You can also start out by learning Danish before moving to Denmark. For more information on online-Danish, go to Learn Danish individually.

Charlotte and Ian

Danish/English couple:

Wish of living the good life

”Above all, we just wanted to be together and live the good life. We love being together” says the Danish/English couple Charlotte and Ian Coles who have settled down in an idyllic old farm house at Kloster, halfway between the Ringkøbing Fjord and the Stadil Fjord and close to the town of Ringkøbing.

It is not surprising that the couple had a wish of the good life in peaceful surroundings with lots of nature. Ian was a Major in the British Army, which meant the couple had moved around military bases in England and Germany for years. Ian had also been deployed close to the world’s war zones, leaving Charlotte alone and suffering months of deprivation during their first year in Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality.

They bought the old farmhouse overlooking the Stadil Fjord in 2013, and Charlotte moved in full-time, while Ian could only come home as work allowed. But now the good life has really started as Ian retired this summer.

Ian is 48 years old and he has just landed a job with Vestas - the wind turbine manufacturer – as a Project Training Leader. 

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Johanna and Malte

German family:

Good working conditions leaving room for a family life close to the North Sea

The North Sea. Proper wages – on time – and working conditions leaving room for a good family life with children. Those are the really big advantages pointed out by the German couple Malte and Johanna Mayrberger when moving from the city of Berlin to the seaport of Hvide Sande. Well yes – into the bargain is also the possibility of buying your own house and the fact that people are friendly and polite.

”We would never have been able to buy a house in Germany. You need to provide a down payment of half the price to obtain a loan for the remaining, and yet it is very difficult and sometimes impossible to qualify for a mortgage,” Malte explains, and Johanna adds:

”At any rate we would not have been able to afford having a child, a car, going on holidays, which we do every year, and have time for leisure activities.”

Malte and Johanna moved to Hvide Sande on the 1st November nine years ago and have settled in fine. 

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