Leisure time with culture, nature, and a sense of community


In the Realm of Nature there is of course lots of room for free pIay in nature and free adventures for the children, both together with their friends and family.

In Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality we also have lots of leisure activity offers for children and young people in addition to schools and childminding arrangements.

For the youngest children there is i.a. an offer of free baby music and musical playroom at the MUSIC SCHOOL, which also offers music education, choir, dance and ballet, drama and art for the older children and young people.


Biblioteksarrangement for børn


Ongoing special events for children take place at the LIBRARIES. At the libraries everybody - both children and adults, who are holders of the yellow HEALTH INSURANCE CARD - can also always borrow books, music, films, computer games, board games etc., and there is free online access at the libraries of the municipality. There are BRANCHES in five of the biggest towns of the municipality.

There is a widely ramified association- and club life. Children and young people can for example attend chess, scouts, and riding. They can learn surfing, canoeing, or kayaking, or they can participate in all sorts of sports from football, handball to swimming, gymnastics, and badminton.

Equally distributed in the municipality, Ringkøbing-Skjern has 26 SPORTS- AND SWIMMING CENTRES, and in the summer there is an additional number of activities in and around the waters of Hvide Sande and the Ringkøbing Fjord.


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For the young people Ringkøbing-Skjern UNGDOMSSKOLE offers various club- and educational offers in the sparetime. Use the Google Translate function and read more under LEISURE-NATURE-CULTURE.

Most young people like the idea of having some extra money, and in Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality especially tourism offers the opportunity of having a number of exciting jobs in your spare time in order to also afford going shopping and hanging out at cafés, or joining music events in the towns.


 Foto: hvidesande.dk

Charlotte and Ian

Danish/English couple:

Wish of living the good life

”Above all, we just wanted to be together and live the good life. We love being together” says the Danish/English couple Charlotte and Ian Coles who have settled down in an idyllic old farm house at Kloster, halfway between the Ringkøbing Fjord and the Stadil Fjord and close to the town of Ringkøbing.

It is not surprising that the couple had a wish of the good life in peaceful surroundings with lots of nature. Ian was a Major in the British Army, which meant the couple had moved around military bases in England and Germany for years. Ian had also been deployed close to the world’s war zones, leaving Charlotte alone and suffering months of deprivation during their first year in Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality.

They bought the old farmhouse overlooking the Stadil Fjord in 2013, and Charlotte moved in full-time, while Ian could only come home as work allowed. But now the good life has really started as Ian retired this summer.

Ian is 48 years old and he has just landed a job with Vestas - the wind turbine manufacturer – as a Project Training Leader. 

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Ioana and Sorin

Romanian Family:

We have been made very welcome

”We love our country, Romania, but we have also grown very fond of Denmark which has become our home,” says 37-year-old Sorin Ungureanu who - together with his wife Ioana and their two children - find themselves so much at home that in the autumn of 2017 they bought the house of their dreams in Borris. Borris is a town with approximately 800 inhabitants in Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality – geographically the biggest municipality in Denmark.

“We have been living here since 2011 and our children are fully integrated in the local community and gradually, so are we. We have been made to feel really welcome in this town. People gladly help us and we are very happy about living here,” Sorin says whilst simultaneously smiling at Erling Søndergaard - one of the passionate locals who likes to give a lending hand. Erling has helped the family with the purchase of their house, and as a friend of the family he joins our conversation as to why Sorin and Ioana came to Denmark and what it is like for a foreign family to move to Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality.

”We are also happy having you here. We can tell that you like being here, and you have also done a great deal to become a part of the community,” Erling points out referring to the fact that Sorin among others has been active in leading a father-child gymnastics team and a table tennis team in town.

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