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We need your labor

Are you dreaming of moving to Denmark, and are you in need of a job? Or are you moving to Denmark and need a job, because your partner has found a job in Ringkøbing-Skjern?

You can get good assistance. Check VACANCIES and see advertised positions in and at Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality or in reasonable DRIVING DISTANCE to the biggest towns of the municipality. Or avail yourself of the offer of help to find a job for newcomers. JOBS FOR NEWCOMERS – which is run by Ringkøbing-Skjern Trade Council gives you access to a network of more than 100 local companies who have joined together to create jobs for potential newcomers. This means that it can be arranged that the companies directly receive a few lines about you, including your CV, and who knows - you may be just the person that one of the companies needs for a job.


Lem: „Dorf der Schmiede“ - Foto: AGM


As a job seeker you can also use JOBNET, which is the official homepage of the public jobcentre for all jobseekers and employers in Denmark. It is possible for you to look for jobs among many thousand vacant jobs, and you can also find contact information at the local job centres which can be found in all municipalities. Here you will find the JOBCENTRE of Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality. Use Google Translate for translation of the link pages. 



As a job seeker you can also use Facebook Group Jobs i Ringkøbing-Skjern.

WORKINDENMARK is the official Danish website for international recruitment and job search. If you are a foreign job seeker you can search for jobs in the job database and find relevant information about working and living in Denmark. The European jobcentre EURES is the international department of the job centres servicing employers and job seekers in connection with recruitment or job search across borders.

On the Eures portal you will find information in several languages about the Danish labour market, vacancies, and contact information about a Eures advisor if you need personal guidance or cannot find answers to your questions.


Temporary Employment

In Denmark it is often possible to work on a fixed-term contract or on a temporary contract. Some jobs are advertised as vacant, others are being filled via professional networks or temp agencies. You may consult the internet for agencies within your line of business, or you may contact JKS, a Ringkøbing-based company which is one of Denmark’s leading temp- and recruitment companies.


Education and Qualifications

When you apply for a job from abroad you normally have an education, which does not quite match a Danish education, and you may need to document your qualifications to have them recognised.

The Danish Ministry of Education and Science is responsible for the assessment of foreign educations, and you may find more information and an assessment form HIER

If you can persuade your new employer to apply for you the process of assessing your educations and qualifications will be considerably faster, since the Ministry have a special service arrangement for companies wishing to employ foreign labour. 


The biggest industry in Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality is the food industry, including farming, fishing, energy- and machine production, and tourism - Foto: 


Iwona and Jarek

Polish family:

Nature and good conditions for the children are crucial

It is first and foremost the good conditions for the children and the clean and beautiful nature that Iwona and Jarek emphasize when expressing why they have chosen to settle in Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality in Denmark. In the past two years Iwona and Jarek have been living in the village of Finderup together with their joint child Diego and Jarek’s son Manuel and his daughter Karolina.

”The child-care facilities here are simply so good. They do so much for the development of children. For instance, they are allowed to cook and do woodwork when they can handle a knife– even though it may be a little dangerous. Besides, they also spend a lot of time in nature. In all sorts of weather. It is so healthy for them”, says Iwona who is also really happy with the schools.

”However, the best thing is that you exist to live here – which means that you don’t just constantly work, but you work in order to also live in your spare time”, says Iwona, and Jarek agrees. That was the very reason why he came to Denmark to work, since - as a self-employed motor mechanic with his own construction firm - he just worked and worked without earning sufficient to live on. On top of that he did not have any spare time whatsoever.


Iwona og Jarek - Read the full story here


Charlotte and Ian

Danish/English couple:

Wish of living the good life

”Above all, we just wanted to be together and live the good life. We love being together” says the Danish/English couple Charlotte and Ian Coles who have settled down in an idyllic old farm house at Kloster, halfway between the Ringkøbing Fjord and the Stadil Fjord and close to the town of Ringkøbing.

It is not surprising that the couple had a wish of the good life in peaceful surroundings with lots of nature. Ian was a Major in the British Army, which meant the couple had moved around military bases in England and Germany for years. Ian had also been deployed close to the world’s war zones, leaving Charlotte alone and suffering months of deprivation during their first year in Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality.

They bought the old farmhouse overlooking the Stadil Fjord in 2013, and Charlotte moved in full-time, while Ian could only come home as work allowed. But now the good life has really started as Ian retired this summer.

Ian is 48 years old and he has just landed a job with Vestas - the wind turbine manufacturer – as a Project Training Leader. 

Charlotte and Ian - Read the full story here